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1st Minnesota’s Role

June 4, 2016

Denis Warta, New Ulm Historian, will speak on the 1st Minnesota’s role with the Union Army during the American Civil War and the connection with Minnesota Germans.


First meeting: April 2nd, 8PM

Presenter: Yogi Reppmann

Subject: The Forty-eighters

Learn about “THE FORTY-eighters”

In 1848 the Democratic Revolutionaries of the State of Schleswig-Holstein fought unsuccessful by pen and sword for liberty, democracy and national unity.

After their defeat many of the Forty-eighters immigrated to Davenport and Scott County, Iowa.

Come and learn about their history and contribution to America.

Date: April 2nd

Presenter: Professor Yogi Reppmann, St. Olf College, Northfield, MN